"Barbara's understanding of Integrative Medicine helped our family understand the overwhelming amount of information (and misinformation) we were hearing about."
Jerry - Westchester County, NY


holding on, letting go: a published book from participants in the Oncology Support Memoir Group, includes several cancer survivor stories...

“We are a storytelling species. Every human being has tales to tell, and the impulse to pass them along—both to loved ones and strangers—is primal. So is the urge to leave something behind when mortality calls. The remarkable new anthology holding on, letting go (OSP Memoir Group, 2013) collects stories by people who’ve learned to look death in the eye and to savor life’s gifts. It’s hard to imagine more meaningful work.

The Oncology Support Program was founded by Barbara Sarah, a breast cancer survivor and one of holding on, letting go’s 15 contributors. Now in its 20th year, OSP offers support groups and counseling, with Healing Arts programs in photography, theatre, art, writing, and music; Ellen Marshall MS, LCSW, is its director.” – Nina Shengold, Chronogram, October 2013.